Fun ideas.

What do you love? Is there anything specific you enjoy doing?

I’ve been advised a long time ago that there’s great fun in drinking. So I desperately wanted to taste some wine. Even though it isn’t exactly like wine, in India, beer is for beginners. I tried beer for the first time six years ago. It smelled like shit and tasted awful. The smell stayed the next day too, in spite of brushing multiple times. A couple of years later, I’ve had beer again. This time, it felt worse. That’s the last one time I’ve touched beer. Another year later, another acquaintance of mine advised me that smoking is fun. What’s wrong with it? I thought, even the movies portray smoking as something cool and the movie stars look cool smoking. So I tried smoking, never found it to be cool. I smoked to give my friends company, I smoked to look cool and slowly, I started smoking to push lonliness away. That was the time when vodka found me. I liked it. Less odour, tastes better than beer and cheaper than having two beers. I got bored of vodka too.

A year ago, I realized that none of them made me feel better or happy to say the least. So I started searching for something that actually makes me feel happy. One fine day, I was pretty sad due to some reason (I don’t remember) and was just home from somewhere (don’t remember this too). The first thing I noticed was food on the table. Without a second’s hesitation, I finished everything that was there before me. That moment, I realized that I was extremely happy and felt better instantly. It was ‘food’ that made me happy! (Where were you all these years!?)

Food is something that makes a person genuinely happy irrespective of status, age, race and creed. We waste too much food by buying more than what is necessary. A few days ago, I saw a dog that limped in our street searching for for food. Since he wasn’t in perfect shape, he couldn’t find his own food. My cousin bought a few biscuits and fed the poor dog. He ate them like he hasn’t eaten in ages. Hunger is the same for humans and animals.

Respect food, respect yourself.


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  1. The Hook says:

    I’m 46 and I’ve never developed a taster for alcohol – and I certainly don’t regret it.
    Food, on the other hand…

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    1. Food addiction is the best addiction. đŸ˜‰


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