Festive mood!

I’m at my grandparents’ place now. I’m here after a year and I could notice a lot of things changing. A new water tank, police station, more houses around and of course, more people celebrating Sankranti this year. It’s all over the news that most of the people have been going to their villages to spend this festive season with their families in villages. This is a good sign.

The farmers are happy because there has been an abundance of water this year. The water from Nizam Sagar has been released this year after a decade and there are a couple more water projects yet to be completed. I even read that the farmers who have been migrating to other cities in India like Mumbai as cheap labour have been returning to their villages to continue farming. The Telangana government has given importance to agricultural sector now and things have been changing for the good. After a long time, I’ve watched two movies one after the other yesterday, it feels good. I see Rangoli everywhere. 

This is the festival of color, sweets and yes, people returning to their native places after a long time. Cheers to good times.


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  1. Christa chn says:

    That’s beautiful to hear that people are getting more and more concern about the importance of our lands. I am also sure that good times are ahead of us. Here in Mauritius we are having some bad times because it’s not raining much. Also happy Sankranthi to you and your family Bharath.


    1. Thanks Christa, I wish you the same. I hope everything gets better in Mauritius. Happy new year to you!

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  2. Eh,!It is also Festival of kites. Happy Sankranthi.


    1. I did mention it in my previous post.
      Thanks for reminding.


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