The morning hike

The freezing morning couldn’t stop us from getting up early and ride to the hill we wanted to see. It’s been a long time since we went up this hill, maybe seven years or more. It’s gonna be worth remembering, I thought. We parked the bike outside the Masjid which stood at the beginning of the hill.  It was 5:30 AM, the moon still in the sky. Street lights lit our way until the Masjid. We ordered some tea in the nearby hotel and it was six AM when we started. The morning prayer Fazr made me feel ecstatic.

Halfway up, we were exhausted. (well, we weren’t in our best shape this time) sitting down only worsened our knee pain. A quick halt for five minutes and we were up again. The steps were uneven and the more further we went, the more beautiful the view got. We were only on the top of a hill but I felt like I was on top of the world.

Wonderful view, isn’t it?

The view was amazing, with the fog covering to other hills which were not very far from where we were. This was a long awaited break from the boring life I had back in the city. Resting in the nature’s arms is very relieving and refreshing. The cool brreze, the trees, stones, what not! Everything was beautiful and made us feel blissful. The skies were covered with fog and the town which was below was barely visible. By the time we were on top, the sun had already risen and shining brightly. We sat on a rock there for about an hour. 

While on our way down, we could see the tip of a tower visible between the clouds, a visual we rarely get to see. There was a Temple on another hill nearby from which the mantras could be heard. The Masjid too, looked beautiful. What made our hike even more beautiful, is hearing the mantras while enjoying the peaceful environment of the Masjid. 

The Masjid

A strong mind makes you go up quick (and come down slow). 

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