Day 22, 365 photography.

He’s completely lost! 🙂

Black and white photos amuse me. They convey some kind of deep emotion which can’t be felt when you see a normal photo. In this picture, sits my cousin, staring at the hills and the fog.

Even this photo is taken on the day I went on a hike last week. B/W photos show us that wherever there’s darkness, there will be light.


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  1. The Hook says:

    “The Thinker” reborn…

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  2. juggernautpanda says:

    BTW, this is a grey scale image! A panda is black and white.


  3. Nice picture. I also have a friend who likes B/W snapshots.

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    1. Thanks! Does he blog?

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      1. No 🙂 But he has an Instagram account. I’ll email you his username 🙂 Do you have an IG acct?


          1. What’s your username?


          2. check out von_joseph_diego 🙂


          3. Haha..
            Sure thing. 🙂

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