Day 24, 365 photography.

Of all the fruits I hate the most, Plums top the list. I despise plums. Sure, they look good, tiny and cute. (Did I just say cute!?) They’re small, they have a seed and most importantly, they are sour. Sourness is something I can’t bear.

How many of you like plums?


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    1. Haha…
      But I really hate plum.
      Long time no see, Krissi!

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          1. I tried! It said you were unavailable. 🙂


          2. I deactivated my Facebook account.
            Send me a Google mail.


  1. Grace Anne says:

    Green one in the middle looks like it’s snoring 😁. Good picture


    1. Haha
      Kinda looks like you. 😁

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