Happy Valentine’s day!

I’m the best girlfriend anyone could ever have.” She said, with pride in her eyes. “I am not jealous, I’m not that possessive, you don’t have to text me all day and the cherry on top, you can talk to other girls, text them and even call them without ever worrying about how I’d react.

She didn’t lie. 

Since today is Valentine’s day, I wanted to thank my girlfriend for choosing me, staying with me and yes, for tolerating my BS. So here I go, Thanks Geeko!

Here in India, there are people who eagerly wait for this day, some to celebrate and the others to stop others from celebrating. People say, Valentine’s day isn’t a part of our culture and so are Mother’s, Father’s and siblings days. 

It’s not about culture, it’s about motives.

Have fun, people. Celebrate and let celebrate.

Happy Valentine’s day.


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  1. Hey, when is the panda ‘s day?

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  2. Grace Anne says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day 😍

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