The old man.

Back in the day, he wasn’t the strongest or the fastest, tallest or heaviest. He was just himself. He worked for the government, loved his job and his family. Even though he was from a different state and doesn’t speak the native language, he was good at communicating and getting things done. It didn’t take long enough for him to learn Telugu, the native language of where he worked. Years passed, he grew old. Damn! He never used a cane to walk, neither did he need glasses to read when he was 79.

But time is a thing that hates to see people happy for a long time. It loves to see strong people fall. And the craziest part? It always wins. The strong old man’s son had an accident and didn’t survive. The old man fell into depression. The family moved to another city. Everything was great but every great thing comes with a missing part. This time, it was the old man’s son. The kids miss their dad, the wife missed her husband but the old man missed his life.

A few weeks later, Alzheimer’s struck. There’s no going back now. The old man fell again. He was okay for a year and another year, and another. But this time, his condition worsened. He was unbearable, he pissed in his pants and bed. He couldn’t eat on his own. His glasses couldn’t help him read, his legs were too weak to take his skinny body’s weight. The family was taking care of him but that wasn’t enough. Nobody can cure depression unless the other person wants to get cured. The strong old man now rests in a bed, sleeps all day and helplessly passes through sleepless nights.

Life is a bitch.


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  1. Arti Manekar says:

    After all it’s life!!!

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  2. pamkirst2014 says:

    Such a cruel disease, that Alzheimer’s… This is a really evocative post!

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  3. theteenagemessblog says:

    So true!! Please check out my blog.


  4. Grace Anne says:

    Quite an emotional post. Good writing!!


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