The first worst.

Staggering all my way to the van seemed to be a hard task now but gathering all my courage, even though I knew I’d collapse, I pushed myself up trying to balance my weight. The music was loud, no, deafening. I looked around to see if I could find someone I could recognize but everything looked like the reflections in a kaleidoscope. Too many colours, too much lighting and too many people. There was something in my hand, something made of glass. Something hard. Oh! It’s beer!

I sipped some beer out of the bottle that was half empty, no, half full. It made me even more sloppy. “Tastes like shit! I’d never have a beer again.” I thought. “It’s just the beginning, bro.” The voice came from beside me. Oh! I’m holding onto someone and I didn’t even realise it. And did I say it loud?? Good work, beer. So two drunk people amidst many other drunkards staggering their way to their vehicle. What a drunk night. What a drunk world! Something came under my foot and I slipped. I caught hold of the other guy’s (the one I held on to) collar and stopped myself from falling. Now comes the worst part. There’s a stink now and it’s coming from nearby. We walked forward saying hi and hellos to the people whom I failed to recognize and finally reached the autorickshaw we were supposed to go to. There was enough place for me inside so I bid adieu to my support guy and fell on the seat, enjoying the view. (yay! A kaleidoscope?!) The stink continued to exist. What the hell! I said to myself and reached my pocket to take the phone out. My pockets were wet, and now, my phone too. The same stink. I looked at my hands only to see puke all over my palm. Yuck! I held on to puke all the while. Now’s the time for me to puke. What a puke-ish night!

Two hours later, I could feel my legs moving and another hand around my shoulder. I looked to my left to see if God had gifted me with another hand but was disappointed to see my friend who was taking me somewhere. “Don’t bother asking for ransom after kidnapping me. It won’t work.” I said. “Shut up and stay awake. We’re going home.” He grumped 

Seven hours later, I regained my senses and was on my way back home, hungover.

That was the last time I had any beer.


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  1. Grace Anne says:

    Never ever drink again 😏😂

    Liked by 1 person

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