Oh my God! Some idiot fell right on my head when I was sitting in the bus today. Am I gonna have a brain damage?

I fell and hit my head to the stairs. Are my brain cells gonna die?

I got a fever! It’s been a week and I even have joint pains. Is it dengue?

No matter how small or silly the reason is, I always tend to overthink and make the problems even more complex. I’m not scared of a fever, I’m scared of sleepless nights because of it and yeah, the fever dreams. I’m not scared of brain damage of brain cells, I’m scared of losing my IQ .(which seems to be quite low already) 

Every little thing I go through, even though it’s a walk in the park, my over thinking makes it look like I’m going through hell. Googling my problems has made things even worse. The other day, I noticed a rash which was quite itchy and then came cold, cough accompanied by a chest pain. My restless self wanted me to Google this shit right away. To my horror, one of the results read, “might be skin cancer.” I immediately called up my friend, a med student to know if this is real. The first question of his was, ” did you Google it?” I said yes. “Did it say cancer?” “Yes.” 

Don’t ever Google your symptoms. Go to a doc.

The argument went on for a few minutes and finally, this is the conclusion:

Hope can cure even the mightiest of diseases while over thinking can kill you slowly. 

Human brains are complicated. We need something that makes sure we’ll be cured. Placebo effect comes into play for this purpose, I guess. Studies even show that this health anxiety, called hypochondria, is more in men.

Be careful what you think, guys.


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