Today’s agenda

Oh my God! I’m afraid this is gonna become a journal. But who else can I share this with? As I said yesterday, everything is in chaos, my plans of having an organized life are shrinking. I woke up this morning a bit late than usual, not feeling so good. The alarm has been stopped, reminders snoozed and meditation timer muted. I read somewhere that listening to music helps the immunity grow but I’m in no mood for some music.
It’s annoying that the first thing I do when I wake up is check WhatsApp for messages and Facebook for pending notifications. My eyes hurt and so does my head. The first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I sleep, is check my phone, text until sleep takes over. But the sleep never comes and I end up awake all night resulting in sleeping early in the morning.
I have now come to a conclusion. Since having plans isn’t working out, having no plan has to work.

This is the new motto: Having no plan is the best plan.

Since there’s no plan now, I can go with the flow and create new agendas depending on the day and mood. Today’s agenda, “Get a scrap book and make a personal journal.”
Hope this works out.

Have a good day y’all.


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  1. Grace Anne says:

    Good Luck 😄


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