One day at a time.

I need this break up.” She said, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She wiped them hastily forcing a smile on her lips. “I really need this.

“Then why don’t you just stop talking to me? It’ll be a lot easier for you. Just get this over with.” He yelled. “I need this break up too. More than you do.”

She looked at him, widening her eyes, trying not to burst out again. “I know how you feel. We have to do this, but not at once. I know you can’t go a day without talking to me, I know you can’t talk to me in the formal way. That’s why I’m gonna start this myself. I won’t stop caring for you but what I’m gonna do is step away from you slowly so that it won’t hurt you much.


She didn’t listen to him this time. She hugged him tight. A light kiss on his cheeks showed him that it’s about to end sooner than he thought.

“Give me three years. I’ll save up some money for us and….”

Money isn’t the problem. You aren’t ready for this.” She turned back and started walking away. He knew what she meant because he remembers what he told her when she asked him to marry her.

“So this is how we do it, eh?”

Yes. We’ll be together until I get engaged. More like a friend, less like a boyfriend. We increase the distance between us little by little, with each passing day. It won’t hurt you that way.”

“What about you?”

She didn’t turn back again.

“What about you????”

She walked faster now. She’s the one who’ll be hurt the most because of this. He’ll survive but she’s gonna prepare herself for a lie that she’s gotta live for the rest of her life. Each step took her closer to the very same lie.

She’s gonna take all the scars starting that day. One day at a time.


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  1. Grace Anne says:

    Beautiful 😊

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