She was tall, dark and intimidating. Like nothing could take her down. she visited Maggie every night, sat down on the bed beside her feet. Maggie was scared when she first met her. The dark woman seldom talked. All she did was sit there, with her mouth shut at stare at Maggie all night. Sometimes, she moved around, checking out what’s new in the room, looking at the other faces to see if there’s anyone new.

Nobody was interesting enough or maybe good looking than Maggie was. A few days later, she began to talk to Maggie. It was mostly gibberish and sometimes, she’d exhale hard and fast like she’s ran all the city. As the days passed, she became more and more exhausted, making more and more noise exhaling. Her voice became hoarse. It was so hoarse at times, she sounded like a guy.

Maggie was back home from work. She was tired that day since the work was heavy. She opened the lock and pushed the door in but in vain. She could hardly move the door. She used all her strength and pushed the door back to find that somebody has used the bed to jam the door from opening. What surprised her was, the door was locked and she had the key. None of her friends would come home early.

“Maybe it’s the dark lady. She must’ve done this.” Kathy whimpered.
“What lady? Who gave her the keys?” Maggie asked surprisingly.

“I wanted to tell you this before but I was scared of the woman. I was afraid she might do something to me.”
“What the?! Who’s that woman, Kathy? Is she threatening you? Let’s go talk to our friends and sort this out with her. We’ll see what she does.”

“It’s not me she comes to see. It’s you.” Kathy was now shivering. Maggie looked at her in awe as she staggered inside her room and picked her bags up. “I’m changing my room and you’re coming with me.”
“The other rooms are occupied and the ones vacant are expensive. I’m staying. I’ll talk to the lady. At what time does she come? Where does she work? I never knew we shared our hostel room with some older woman.”
“Maggie, she’s not just some woman. She’s…” Kathy sat down in despair.

It was 2 AM. All the lights were shut. All that could be heard was the creaking sound of the ceiling fan. It was quite too loud but not enough to wake Maggie up. Kathy peeked through her sheets to see if the woman was here today. Lifting her sheets up a bit, she could see no one beside Maggie. Maybe she’s gone for good.
“I’m thirsty”, she thought and sat down. “Maybe I should get some water” and she turned to her left to see the woman sitting beside her, with her head strangely tilted down to her left.
Kathy jumped up and ran to the door, and called the warden. By the time they reached the room, there was nothing. “Wake up, Maggie! The dark woman was here, sitting right beside me! She was so dark, she was so tall, she smelled so horrid!”
“Let’s talk about in the morning, shall we?” Maggie said and continued her sleep.” And yeah, I’m not coming to work tomorrow. So please lock the door from outside.”

The next morning, Kathy decided to talk to Maggie when she came back from work. She locked the door from the outside and ran down the steps, still nervous and Bam! There stood the warden, right in her face!
“Kathy, we need to talk.” He had a grim expression on his face. “I often see you nervous. You seem to forget everything and always a mess these days. You stay up at nights, hell, you talk to yourself all the time. And who the hell is this Maggie?”


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  1. Thea says:

    This is actually so cleverly done. It creeped me out!! It’s sooo good! πŸ˜€

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    1. Haha Thea! Thanks. Long time no see?

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      1. Thea says:

        I’m lurking here right now. Reading your stories and whatnot hahahah I hate how you’re so good with short stories!! I wish I’d be as good as you!!!

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        1. Now that was a good one. You are the one who actually writes, paints and sketches. I just scribble. πŸ˜€

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          1. Thea says:

            I LOVED MAGGIE SO MUCH! You have to write more of this!!!!! hahah

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          2. Sure thing. Thank you so much.πŸ€“


  2. Sonia Sasi says:

    Wow. Really didn’t expect the ending.

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    1. Thanks Sonia. Glad you liked it.

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  3. Grace Anne says:

    Good dose of scary early​ in the morning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. Haha! I’m glad you found it scary. πŸ˜‰

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