A point of no return. Or maybe not!?

Nothing was audible. Vehicles moved too fast but time moved too slow. The constant honking wasn’t loud enough to distract his slow stagger. Everything was half blurry and half clear. He slipped suddenly and fell but he could break his fall right on time, got up and looked around confused, unable to identify what he stepped on. The phone was yelling it’s life out of the speakers, nothing could make him answer the call.
He only replied to those messages from his girl who was about to meet him in a few minutes. Humidity didn’t matter, distance wasn’t an excuse and taking a bus would land him in an unnecessary crowd in which he’d choke. Walking all the way would give him some alone time. He’s never felt this abandoned all his life. The presence of anyone meant absence to him without her hand in his.
To his left were kids from middle school  walking home. Their uniform was the same as his when he was a kid. Wait a minute! They were from his school! A smile popped up his lips but he pushed it back, tucking it deep inside his heart.
Times have changed. Years passed like days, he wasn’t a kid anymore. He thought of the days he first saw his girl, back in kindergarten. They never talked but fate had something different in store for them, made them a couple. But who could expect that it was all about to end soon? Or has it ended already?
The clouds moved forward slowly and so did the breeze. Looking up into the skies soothed his pain for a few seconds.  He walked to the place where they were supposed to meet and there she was, walking towards him. He couldn’t look her in the face. Why would he? He messed it all up. She was walking in slow-mo and the people moved as if the time has been fast forwarded. He handed over the book to her.
“Will you walk with me?” She asked.
He nodded. As they walked forward, she turned to him, and said “You could’ve given me when you finished this. Why now?”
He didn’t answer. He used the book as an excuse to meet her.
“So you won’t talk to me now?”
“Like this? No.”
That’s it.
He turned back and walked back.
A few seconds later, he phone rang. It was her. He hastily answered the call, with tears in his eyes. He was extremely sad and happy at the same time.
“Where are you? Are you at the bus stop?”
“N…no. I, uh, will walk all the wway.” He stuttered,
“Okay, I just wanted to know whether you got your bus.”
“No. Okay, bye.” Saying this, he cut the call.
“I love you.” He said this to her, in his thoughts.


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  1. The Hook says:

    You have a rare and wonderful gift, my friend.

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