Fare thee well.

I don’t know what to do now, now that you left me right here. I’m surprised I’m still blogging because I wanted to get rid of anything that reminds me of our love because it only makes me break down in tears. I know you love me and you know I do too.
I still remember the day you asked me to try writing a blog, open up a site so that I could improve my skills and we could write something together. I came here only because you write so well and I didn’t want to miss anything that comes out of your mind. We laughed over this blog, we argued over my posts and even quarreled when you didn’t write. It’s not my love for writing but it’s my love for ‘your writing’. It’s been a while since you’ve written and I want you to know that I miss your writing so much, I open your blog every day and see if you’ve written anything. You always enjoyed writing and there have been disturbances for a while because of what’s happening between us.
I understand what you’re going through but I want you to know that this was a wrong time to leave, right when I needed you more than ever. We’ve had our moments, good, bad and worse. But you just stuck with me, right there in all my ups and downs. Helped me whenever I was in trouble, consoled me when I was sad and yelled at me when I was wrong.
The letters you wrote me, telling me a hundred reasons why you loved me, the wrist band that you knitted for me, all your gifts, your books, our movie and lunch dates, your giggles when you joke about something, when you joke about yourself, when you make fun of me and all the days we’ve fought and went silent. The selfies we’ve taken, the money you’ve spent on me, what can I say? All the memories now look at me and laugh at my loneliness. Every thing we had can never be replaced by any other woman.
I even doubt if I can love any other woman like I loved you. Honestly, I don’t even want any woman in my life again.
I had the best two years of my life because of you. I knew what genuine happiness feels like and how good it feels to be vulnerable.
This place feels so empty without your presence. My feed is incomplete without your posts, my post is incomplete without your comment. Anything I write without your review feels worthless. This is getting harder with each passing day. I don’t know when you’re gonna be back here to check on your blog and I highly doubt if you’d like to see mine.
If you do, I want you to know that I miss you. I know, this isn’t something to be written about like this, like a public post. But it’s the only way I can reach out to you.

You​ made every​ day, a Valentine’s day.

I celebrated you.

Now that we’ve parted our ways,
the past few days have been hurtful and stressful. I’m sorry for being rude, I couldn’t handle the pressure and frustration.
I just​ wanted to apologise for all the things that made you upset and thank you for all the love and patience.
I hope you read this someday.
I love you.


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  1. The Hook says:

    use your pain constructively and you’ll never be truly alone, my friend.
    I feel your pain and I’m here for you.

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  2. Grace Anne says:

    You write beautifully. You have a great life ahead don’t give up on anything

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  3. Christa chn says:

    Oh my! Bharath, that’s wonderful. Being a hard chore romantic, I am amazed by the depth of your heart. Though your undergoing hard times, I do hope that it gets better with time.

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    1. I hope so. Thanks Christa, this really is a tough time for me.

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      1. Christa chn says:

        You will get over this feeling, Bharath, time is a healer, just continue writing and whatever makes you happy. Everything will be fine. Have a good day my friend.

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        1. I honestly don’t think I can write anymore. I’m just venting.

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          1. Christa chn says:

            It’s okay to feel like that Bharath. You are young, and the world needs to be explored, you will soon get bored and get back to your activities. The memories you made with her, will always remain.


          2. Thank you for your support Christa.

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          3. Christa chn says:

            Your welcome Bharath.

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  4. kiwinana says:

    That’s a sweet post, coming from the heart, sorry to hear that you have been very unhappy. Please move on, life too short to sit remembering all the past good time, you will find someone just as perfect as your past love, but not if you don’t move on and forget the past, live for tomorrow. There is someone waiting for you, only you haven’t found her yet.
    Just smile, laugh, and be happy.

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    1. I appreciate your concern.

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