“Please let me out! I’ve done nothing wrong. I got wife and kids!” He cried while they dragged him inside his cell. He kept screaming until he was tied to his bed. They locked him up and left. He looked at the stars through the ventilator.

His wife waved at him while he walked to the main gate. He threw his backpack aside to hug his children who were running towards him.

There was a sudden screech on the floor that woke him up from his sleep. “Food, bummer.” Said a hoarse voice. He hated his life, he hated all of the world. The food looked like shit, quite literally. Maybe it was mashed potatoes without any salt in it but it sure stinked. He licked a bit of the mash and puked whatever he ate that morning. “You can’t make me eat shit!” He scorned. There was nobody around to pay attention to him.

He woke up from his bed as he heard his baby daughter crying in the next room. Rubbing his eyes, he walked in, smiling. This was the first time he was seeing his newborn daughter after he has returned from his tour. It was 3 AM.

“Wakey wakey!” A man in white coat approached him. This was bad news.
“Just let me go! My wife and kids are waiting for me! Please! Just let me go and see them. I’ll be back again and I’ll surrender. Arrest me then.”
The man in white coat looked down at him and said, “This isn’t a jail, Mister. You could escape from prison but there’s no escape from asylum.”
Everything just froze.
“Asylum? Why did I end up here?”
“Ah! This just keeps getting harder. You’ve been here since three years. Don’t you remember anything that happened to you? I guess we need to change your medication, maybe up the dose a little.” The doctor said while he gave his regular dose of injection. Blurry sight slowly turned into sleep.

“What’s keeping you up baby?” He lifted his daughter up from the cradle and kissed her forehead. And all of a sudden, he felt something hard hit his head for a split second he collapsed and the last person he saw has surprised him. It was his brother.
“The same will be the fate of your family.”


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