“care to give me your hand? The traffic is so heavy and you can’t cross the road if I don’t help out.” An old man said, looking at P who was standing a few steps away from her cousins who were lost in a conversation, forgetting they had to cross the road. P was 17 and innocent.
“Uh, no, thanks. I actually have my cousins with me. You see them over there? Standing a feet away? They’re waiting because the traffic too. I’m with them.” Said P, smiling at the old man.
“Ah! Nevermind.” He grumbled and got hold of her hand forcefully and dragged her across the road. P’s wrist became red because of the strong grip of the old man who was quite strong for his age.
“Thanks, I guess. Now I’ll wait here for my cousins.” P said even though she didn’t mean it. But the man persisted. He refused to let go and was now massaging her hands. Terrified, P ran towards her cousins who almost crossed the road.
“That old man was doing something to my arm. He was forceful and he was massaging and…” P cried, trembling with fear.
“Hey! You! What’s your age? Is this the way you behave when women of your granddaughter’s age are around?” Shouted one of P’s cousin.

The man walked fast, without looking back.
Now, girls, there are perverts and pedophiles everywhere waiting for an opportunity and they never miss out any chance they have. Don’t be naive and respond to any person you don’t recognize.
Stay alert. Stay safe.


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