Stop labelling.

Why do we label someone ‘something’? Are we so perfect? Nobody is flawless, not even God.

“She’s a whore.” A friend of mine once said this about a girl who just walked past us. I was pretty naive and judgemental back in those days (maybe now too). As a teenager, I looked ugly, I was quite insecure and pretty scared of people around me. So I agreed with people and often jumped into conclusions believing what they said to be true. The next time I saw her, my head was filled with disgust. “Ugh! Her!” My mind was filled with hatred for her. I assumed her to be someone who’s easy to bed and having no morals.
A few days later, the same guy came to me and said, “Remember that woman I told you? Yeah, her. Her sister is in love with me and she called me asking if I could meet her upstairs. I’ll be right back.” He went upstairs and came back a few minutes later and said, “Ah! That skank! She kissed me. Right on my lips.” I was surprised. Girls were always after this guy. Why am I the only one alone? Without a girlfriend or a kiss? A week later, the guy comes to me again, now pointing out another girl, “she asked me to act as her boyfriend in front of another guy. This is going to be interesting. And that girl, I heard she has an affair with their neighbor.”  That’s it! I’ve had enough. I started hating women now. Why are they doing this? Don’t they have Priorities or tastes? A couple of days later, I ended up having no choice but to talk to her because I needed to learn French for my language exam and she was good at it. An hour passed and whoa! She was a total surprise. She was good. She  studies hard, really hard because she was poor. Her father doesn’t work at all and her family completely relied on her mother’s earning. Her sister was still a kid. I approached her hesitatingly but she happily agreed to help me out. She never looked me in the eye, we didn’t even touch each other. I was completely wrong about women. It’s surprising and really irritating how we judge women merely based on the ‘talk’ we hear about them. Their reputation is built up or spoiled by good for nothing, gossipping dumbasses who find their happiness in defaming women. I even heard of women who were drugged and raped just because they trusted their boyfriends and labeled ‘whores’ for the tragedy they faced. Most men only look at them for their own selfish needs. This has to stop.
We must realize that most men are doing the same. People have to remember that this might even happen to their own sisters or friends. We never know what they go through for one lie that’s being spread out about them.
It’s important to know that judging people is never good. We jump into false conclusions and gossips. Gossips can mean nothing to you but can mean everything for her. She may lose her pride and reputation.
Think before you talk something about women.


6 thoughts on “Stop labelling.”

  1. Its hard to find a young man talking about women as you did here. I know very well this feeling of being labelled . . . not only by men but by women too. So, I have really appreciated your blog post.

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