We’re not dogs.

There was a friend of mine who loved this girl so much that he decided it’s time for him to tell his parents about her and get married. Everything was going good with some arguments and fights occasionally but it really was good. He bought he gifts, he celebrated her birthday more than his, spent every free minute with her.

A couple of years later, the girl started complaining about his irresponsible behavior and rash attitude, which were never a problem before.

“We are good friends. We can still be.”


He was devastated. He begged her not to leave him. She neither listened nor stayed. He couldn’t concentrate on his studies, he dropped out. She married someone else but he never moved on.
She said she loved him. She married him and forced his parents to move out so that she could be the only one with him. A few days later, she told her friends that her neighbor was hot and she’d like to have an affair with him.

Men are dogs they say.
If being loyal and loving makes us dogs, so be it. We are proud to be dogs.
Just like a few women make you feel like all the women are the same, a few idiots are the reasons why some women hate men.
These generalised statements aren’t worth shit but they spread an idea that had huge impact on people. A recent article shows that break up has a harder impact on men.

We’re not dogs or bitches. We’re human.

And it’s about time we started behaving like one.


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