Some kind of love.

It’s been weeks since he spoke to her and when he received her message, his happiness knew no bounds. She has been trying to contact him for days but he kept her away. He cursed her. All because he couldn’t see her be with someone else. But what’s the meaning of love if you keep her away, making her feel guilty for the mistakes he’d done?

He picked the phone up and replied. They talked like strangers but they still liked each other. Only he still loved her. She couldn’t. Being ignored and worried wasn’t an option for her. She gave him all the right reasons, those he couldn’t deny. But hey! At least she’s still talking. His days slowly started getting better. The sleepless nights were fading away, he laughed more. His mornings were brighter. 

“I think I’m gonna marry him. I’m asking him tomorrow.” She texted him one day. He was busy with some work and couldn’t reply. She called him plenty of times but he didn’t answer. She was worried, worried if something has happened to him. She waited all night. When she was about to sleep, “Hey! Was in a business meeting. I’m happy for you. You owe me a party!” She sprang up with joy, smiling and replied wiping her tears, “Haha! Guess I do. Sunday at 5?”

“Sure thing. I gotta go. Bye.”

He locked his phone and threw it on the couch. “Aren’t you sad?” His roommate asked. “Yes I am.”

“Then why don’t you tell her you still love her?” His roommate was furious.

“It’s too late for that. She makes me happy, her happiness makes me happy and I’m searching for my happiness in hers.”


6 thoughts on “Some kind of love.”

  1. If more people could understand this concept, that real love is wanting the other one to be happy, then there would have been less passional crimes.

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