Let her go.

Once a girl decides to leave, there’s nothing you can do to get her back.

A very good friend of mine once said. I wonder why girls are so ‘hard to get’. Their thoughts are confusing (they’re confused, I don’t know), their actions are confusing, hell! Sometimes even they don’t know what they’re doing (no offense). They give chances when they’re not required and when required, they say that your ‘lifelines’ expired. It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend and downright heart wrenching to know no exact reason for leaving you but when the reasons are out, brace yourselves, you can’t deny neither of them. So it’s better to be happy because she never told you the right reason. If you still need to know where things went wrong, fine, suit yourself and get ready to humiliate yourself. There’s never one single reason for a girl to leave you. There are multiple, like, a bunch of them.

No girl leaves you for only one reason. Sure, they forgive you all the time, they take the blame for what you’ve done. There’s a slight chance of getting her back though. If she tells you it’s her fault, you can try to get things right and maybe, just maybe she’s still in love with you, she’ll come back because you have made amends but if she takes the blame (even if you know it’s yours) and leaves, better forget her. 

What do we do now? Where do we go now?

Well, if you’re brave enough, you can still be friends with her (she did tell you, didn’t she?). It takes a lot of emotional control to be that way though (no, not for her, for you, man!). Or, you can cut her out for good and cry alone for a few days, which I think is enough to get over her (not for hardcore lovers). If you still want to be just friends, show her all your love and support but never beg her to come back and she’ll reciprocate. (Women are wonderful things)

Warning: one sided love is injurious to health. 

If you still want to love her when she ignores you, good luck with your health. The cortisol levels are gonna hit your all time high giving you chest pains (‘heartache’) and end you up in the depression ward.

So better try to distract yourself, do your own thing and let her do hers because of all the emotional bullshit she went through when she was with you (I know it isn’t your mistake), she needs to be alone to think of ways to get over you and believe me, women have a way of getting over things and people which you might wanna observe. And yes, you know how precious she is, so keep your distance and give her the respect she deserves. Your mother and sisters are women too and they might’ve faced the same shit that your ex is going through. It’s not easy even for women.

Observe and learn, people.

Why am I writing this? Because I felt like it.

Last but not the least, a wonderful saying from my good friend, Kristen, who’s also a wonderful blogger:

Want in one hand and shit in another, and see which one fills up first!


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