This might be us.

We make mistakes and pray thinking we might be forgiven for our sins. In fact, there are certain ‘loopholes’ which we might use to get pardoned for our sins. Good attracts good, they say. How true can this be in the present world? People get bullied for being weak, polite people are verbally abused, generosity is taken for granted and love isn’t lovable enough. We’re living in a time where everyone and everything has a price (not everything is monetary), love has conditions and a good heart has tougher times. Educated individuals are busy finding jobs while uneducated ones rule them. We run in search of life but barely manage to survive.
This is the age where people die of more mental reasons than physical. There’s no relation without any expectation. You do good, they praise you when you see and curse you when you don’t. They divide you for their benefit but unite when they’re at peril. All the compliments we receive are sometimes curses in disguise. My grandparents tell me that their lives were slow when they were young. They didn’t rush, they ate, sang, danced and lived with all their heart. Their food was healthier, water and air pure, and relationships were trustworthy. Everything was in order because expectations were low. We fight for our lives everyday but forget how to live. We’re not the only ones alive, there are others around us. If there’s anything that has kept us surviving all these years, it’s our dependence on our fellow human being. Why have we come to such a level where we have to deceive each other just so that we can be happy? Why can’t we make each other happy?

We often read that people once faught to get out of backwardness. Now we fight to be called backward. We fight over food while we waste more than we eat. We spend money on things which matter less, which we don’t use more than once. We earn money which we can’t spend for our own selves. We read history which is augmented and fragmented. Excellence has been overthrown by idiocy, talent is stomped upon by criticism. The sense of appreciation no longer exists. We fake smiles and feelings over the need to feel belonged. We use people to fulfill our physical and psychological needs (even though that’s what we’re meant to do, but in a different sense). We live in a world that has goddesses, follow cultures  that teach  women must be treated equally but fail to create bea societyWee jingoism, we need other people to accept what we preach is right. It’s a world where racial supremacy takes higher place than humanity. If the government really wants us to be healthy, then why do we have more diseases and less cures? New kind of epidemics spread every year. We’re all taught being healthy should be given more preference over money, then why do they sell processed food? Smoking is injurious to health? Then why sell? We work for someone we’ll probably never meet, we worship something we’ve never seen and fight for something maybe we’ll never achieve. We all think we live in a free country and a free world while we’re governed by predefined  set of rules Made by people we don’t even know what they’re like in person. It’s like, the choices are illusions and we’re all marionettes.

Need is okay. Greed isn’t.

God bless us everyone
We’re a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can’t be outfought
It can’t be outdone
It can’t outmatched
It can’t be outrun

– Linkin Park


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