Good day!

25°C cloudy.

Thunderstorm in the prediction. After months of unbearable humidity and high temperatures, this is such a relief. I stepped out of the house to a very welcoming cool breeze that shook me to my core with happiness and unintentional smile. This is gonna be one hell of a day! Said my mind as I walked towards the end of the lane. Let me enjoy the weather! Said my heart.

The leaves fell to the ground like they were forming a carpet while I walked and the wind greeted me with it’s gentle touch brushing through my hair. Puppies were playing around, kids waiting for their school buses and old people walking back home after an extra long walk. The weather reports predit rains for the coming three days too.

I suddenly felt a connection with everything around me. It may sound funny or stupid, but I really did. This reminded me of my school days when I waited for my auto-rickshaw to come pick me up and drop me off at school. My mother waited with me, holding my lunch box. Ah! I so wished for rain so that I could stay back home instead of going to school.

Well, we’re done for now, enough nostalgia. Good day, people.


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