Whoo!! Two years! 

Still feels like I got admitted yesterday and finished my master’s today. Wow! I just completed my master’s degree. Two years is a lot of time for a person like me. I don’t usually enjoy going to college and sit in a class all day. This, this I could do another time, but no. Enough of college days in my life already. I learnt so much in these two years. I befriended some and made friends with many. I found love but let it slip right through my fingers. Now I carry the weight of my dreams on my shoulders along with everything I’ve learned and eagerly wait for whatever the future has in store for me. Now that my college days are officially over, it is time for me to step out into the world, find a job and make a life for myself. It’s terrifying to see the rate at which life has changed and turned upside down. No, I am not saying that I’ve accomplished something just because I’ve done my master’s but for a guy who first dropped out 

I am nervous, I’m scared. I miss those hands I held that are no more with me and it feels like I’m powerless without those people who were with me but left me when I needed them the most (it might be my fault). The world looks brand new where the opportunities are few. I just gotta find something that best suits me and carry on with it. Time to make a career. 

I’d like to thank everyone in this blogsphere who supported me and bore my ongoing rant and blabber.

Cheers to life!


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  1. kiwinana says:

    Congratulations, so pleased for you.
    You must never feel that we as readers ever thought you were ranting and raving, that is why the blogosphere is so wonderful, we all have times like you, and it’s a great way to move on when life is getting you down.
    All the best for your future, keep smiling.

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  2. Grace Anne says:


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