Same old things.

Why’s life still the same? Nothing has changed much over the years, I’m the same old me. They say our body changes our cells, replaces the old ones with new every seven years. Is that the only way I can change? Maybe not. I’ve learned a few things with each passing year. This year has been my most happy yet painful year so far. I’ve found friends, I’ve lost friends. My master’s has finally come to an end with only one part pending which will be over soon. 

Looking back at what I was, I see a happy, merry young man taking life as it comes. It wasn’t a wise thing to do, I know it now. I wonder how people plan for the future. Most of us are trained to take on life one day at a time yet people sprout out with plans about their future which rarely workout. Why’s this so? Do people lack ambition? Are they lazy? I’ve seen people work their asses off just to make ends meet. Why are they struggling so much? Even they were people with plans and dreams before they started working on their life. All our plans don’t align with our life. What else can we do except go with the flow? 

First things first, we are the outcome of the people around us. This is true. Everyone you meet has an influence on you no matter how much you deny. Even a random passerby has some impact on your life and something changes if he doesn’t pass by. They say it’s fate but I believe we make our own fate. It’s just that things we do are interconnected and every action leads to either minute or major reactions which are experienced by others. We think our lives are in chaos, changing every second but when you observe how things are intertwined, you’ll be amazed to find order in chaos. Whatever I think, whatever I do, everything, I’ve learned by observing and mimicking the things I encounter in everyday life. Be original you say? Who’s original? The language you speak has been invented by someone else and taught to you by your parents who learnt it from theirs. We wear clothes which are similar, our body languages are similar. The only thing that separates you from one another is the way you think and it’s our duty to make sure your thoughts don’t affect other people. 

Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy.

When we observe how things work, we can know how insignificant our arguments are. There’s always a way around. Remember that everyone is fighting their own battle. Don’t go on a war with them. Understanding is what makes us humans. What am I doing here? I’m trying to change myself, trying to be a better than what I was yesterday. Doing the same old things leads to same old outcomes. I’ve decided to do things differently. How? You ask? I just haven’t figured it out yet.

My metanoia starts today.


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  1. Thea says:

    Supporting your metanoia all the way! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! Thanks Thea!


  2. Grace Anne says:

    Change is inevitable I suppose

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    1. We can still choose what to change.

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