Lost love.

She took small bites of the ice cream, looking at it like it’s gonna run away. Eyes this big, mouth this small. (This and that? Seriously? Believe me, it’s the best I can describe). He thought. He watched her while she ate it slowly with precision. He couldn’t help but stare at her, at her cuteness. How can anyone be this cute? Well, she is. 

“What’re you looking at? Want me to eat faster?” She asked with a smirk. “No. Just carry on, one bite at a time.” He winked.


He was woken up by his fellow passenger as he reached his stop. He thanked him, got down and walked to his house, heavy as every street he walked had a memory of them. He tried not to cry but the tears won’t stop. He doesn’t know where he belongs. He doesn’t know where he went wrong either. You see, life, isn’t fate. It’s a collection of things that are intertwined. One action leads to another. When he had her, he didn’t have time, when he lost her, he had all the time. Could he have changed anything if he could turn back time? No. We can change our actions but who can predict the outcomes? He broke down near a pavement crying, like a child. All he knew is that he needed her, no matter how or what. Everything would go back to normal one day. Normal as in “remembering everything but not breaking down.”

His phone rang. It was her.

“Don’t cry. Please.”

She meant it. He sensed her love for him. If it isn’t love, how does she know he’s crying?

“I know things went awry, but I don’t wanna change things back. It doesn’t work that way. But I’m still here for you.”

He walked back to his room and slept, happy that she still has feelings for him but sad that she can’t come back. He prayed at nights that their paths would cross someday and what they had isn’t lost. 

When everything is lost, hope prevails.


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