Let go.

We all have that one friend (or two, or three) whom we called our best friend and when times change, we don’t even know where they are. I’ve got plenty of them under that category. How do you feel when you think of those days? I feel sad, not because they’ve left but because I can’t be that happy anymore. This is life, it just happens. I guess nobody’s as nostalgic as I am. Someone close to me always tells me that I’m dwelling on what has happened rather than living in the present. Everybody started saying the same thing, live in the moment and when you start doing it, they suddenly advise you to think about future. Thinking about the past is bad, now living in the present is. If you can’t enjoy when you’re in the right age, what’s life for? They say save up money for when you’re old by working hard when you’re young but the world is different. It offers more for the young than it does for the old. What am I gonna do with plenty of money when I’m old? Pass it on? This kind of thinking made me drift away from people I loved the most.

No God comes to you in tough times and says, “Thy shalt help you.” He’s silent as ever, doing something better than helping us out. Why do we need help anyway? If we look closer, we have always been alone. All our lives. If I rewind my memories, I was the only one who was with me in tough times. So are things with everyone else. But what makes me think is, why do we crave for people who’re not with us when we needed them the most? This is where we have to find similarities. We must never forget that everyone is fighting their own battle. Don’t go on a war with them. Let them go instead. Repeat this in your mind, “If you feel like leaving, I’m not gonna beg you to stay.” Yeah, I listen to Enrique Iglesias’ songs a lot. What to do when a loved one leaves you? Heck! You can’t do anything other than move on. When people make up their minds to move on, you can’t do anything but let go because trying to make them stay is going to hurt them. We don’t wanna hurt them, do we? What do we do then? We can’t move on but they did. Just grin and bear it. Let them go. 

Well, as far as I’ve noticed in this little world of mine, we’re always alone. The almighty will join us when our time is done but until then, you’re on your own. Things that happen in our day to day lives can be termed as a chain reaction. One action leads to another. So whatever happens, whoever leaves is not just because of your actions but also theirs (which are downright stupid). I know seeing people leave hurts. What else can we do? I don’t believe in things like ‘meant to be’ and ‘written in the stars’. So when someone leaves, do your thing and they’ll find their way back if they want to. Don’t wait for them and don’t stop loving them either. Everybody has their own world that they have built around them and whatever they do is because of the cause and effect of their world on them. Blaming never helps neither does understanding. We just have to wait sometimes, for the things and people to get back to us.

This post was inspired by Juggernaut Panda.


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  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    This is good advice, even if hard to follow!

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    1. Hey! Long time no see. How’re things? Thanks, btw.

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      1. pamkirst2014 says:

        Things are going well! Looking forward to having more time to spend on blogging soon–how are you?

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        1. Never better!!😀

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  2. Grace Anne says:

    People are stupid!!😜
    Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them 😂😂

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    1. And human relations are weird.🤔

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      1. Grace Anne says:

        Everything in this world is weird

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