You reap what you sow.

Is that so? Then why’re good people leading miserable lives? Right from our elementary school, we’re taught what’s good and what’s bad. This helps us shape our perception of the world to an extent. We’re taught that doing good will result in good things happening to us in return. Just look around you, take a closer peek at the people who you certify as good. Are they really happy?

I met an old woman the other day who sacrificed everything just to educate her sons and daughters and what did she get in return? They put their husbands and wives over her and pushed her out. We see so many old people on roads, the old age homes are full of abandoned parents. What have they done to deserve such an awful fate? If you think they take good care of elderly citizens at care homes, you’re mistaken, mate. I’ve see how the food looks like and how they take care of old men. Even though some of them are really good, can they take your place? They’re not their sons or daughters. That gap can never be filled.

Many people are cheated in businesses because they trusted their partners. Husbands and wives are chrated on by their partners because they trusted the wrong person. In most of the cases, good people get screwed over because they trust the wrong person. All they do is love and trust. If love really brings back love, why do people abandon their loved ones because of greed? Why are parents left alone by their kids when they’re in their later years? Is there something wrong with their upbringing? If we really are the average of five people we surround ourselves with, then we must be in the same circle for others too. So that implies our actions affect others in some way or the others. Does it mean we’re partly responsible for what others reap?

Times are changing. You don’t reap what you sow. You reap what others make you sow. The funny thing is, doing good is not enough these days, showing is also necessary to make people believe. But this showing has turned into showoff. We ignore our instincts and try to adapt and change for pleasing others just for the sake of social image. Can we say that we’re sowing the wrong seeds and expecting to reap what we need? 

You want your kids to succeed and still look after you? Raise them right, tell them how to respect others. Teach them how to treat others that aren’t of any use to them. 

I think our actions are what we sow and the reactions are what we reap. Be careful what you sow because it’s gonna get back to you in one way or another. Be good, do good, influence others to follow.


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  1. The Hook says:

    You’re one wise fella, Bharath.
    Well said.


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