A final word.

“Standing on your mama’s porch, you told me that you’d wait forever and when you held my hand, I knew that it was now or never..” she clasped her bag tight and leaned forward.

“It’s half past twelve and here I am, singing Bruce Springsteen’s and you don’t even try to bat an eye? Okay, I’ll carry on with my blabber. Just listen and nod, it’s your favourite song after all.”  She took a step forward. “Well, you know, I.. uh.. miss you and uh, I still love you. You might guess I didn’t realize that until now but I really knew it all along. Whatever I did, it was for us. Maybe I moved on, it’s not fair with you still around but…” She took a step back, took her glasses of and wiped her eyes.

“I just miss you like crazy. Remember all the clothes I bought keeping your tastes in mind? I now buy them for the places I visit. Please, just say something. Why don’t you?” She knelt before him, crying the life out of her. 

“Forgive me, will you? This is the last time I’ll be seeing you. I can’t live with myself or him if I keep doing this often.”

She put the bouquet of flowers at the grave and walked back to the gate.

“At least you’re resting in peace.”


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