A Job done well.

Have you heard the news? Bad things come in twos.

Number one: We’re headed towards a mass extinction.

Number two: It might be us this time.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Well, well, well. Now that we’ve come this far, let’s celebrate. Like we don’t everyday? Haha! I read that there were five extinction periods before us, no, I’m not gonna bring them up here. We’re on our way to the sixth. What’s the reason, you ask? It’s us. We’re making ourselves extinct. The earth gets saved, finally. Humans are so busy exhausting that they’re not aware of what’s coming for them. Living in the illusions created by a few, we’re depleting our resources. A study found that lions are one of top contenders for ‘who’s the most endangered’. Why? They don’t have sufficient shelter, they don’t have sufficient food, they come in contact with humans sometimes. What’s common? Us. We’re responsible for everything. Wise men are few in number and fools are in millions. A few wise men can’t change millions unless they have the will to change.

Unlike past mass extinctions, caused by events like asteroid strikes, volcanic eruptions and natural climate shifts, the current crisis is almost entirely caused by us — humans,” explains the Center for Biological Diversity.

About 322 different species went extinct because of humans from which about two thirds happened in the past two centuries. To hell with ecological balance, I say! We came, we saw, we destroyed, they become extinct!

We rob the animals off of their homes, we take their food and we gave them to watch when we’re bored. Sometimes, I feel animals are better than us when it comes to morals. What good have we done to them? Making movies about disasters and preaching people how to conserve and preserve is not enough. You love pets? Then why cage them? Why chain them while you walk with them? They’re animals? They’re lower than you? You’re afraid they might land themselves under a vehicle on roads? Follow road rules, drive safe and slow and be cautious. We’ll see what animal gets injured or dies on road.

“Plant trees”, they said.

I seldom see people planting trees. Heck! There’s no space in this concrete jungle to plant trees. All that can be done is buy vases and grow miniature sized plants and flowers. What about the vacant lands? They’re used for industrial development, commercial buildings and residential areas. Sure, there are some steps taken up but are they efficient? How’s the progress so far? No matter what the government does, if there’s no cooperation from the people themselves, nothing can be achieved. Wasting so much water on festivals and special occasions, wasting food in marriages and parties, dumping your trash everywhere, pissing on the roads, spitting everywhere, where have we come? What have we become?

I sincerely wish we’re the ones who go extinct this time. This planet is special because out of all the other planets out there, only earth is at a point where life is possible. We are at the right place, in the right time and what are we doing? We’re busy screwing ourselves up.

No humans-no drama- no wastes-healthy nature and a beautiful planet.


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