“I mean, just look at his clothes! He looks posh. Wow! His beard! Isn’t he perfect?” She was looking at him with awe as he came to me with a smirk.

“Hi. Sorry I’m late, just had to deal with a guy. Gave him a hook.” 

Wow. He’s so macho! She might be thinking that. But nah, that never impressed me. Did he stop there? No, sir. “You know, I’ve handled such bozos with ease. I can take on anyone. You need help? Just lemme know.”

“So how’s he?” She asked.

“Really?” I was shocked. 

Women surprise me. Their choices regarding men, awful. 

“So what made you choose him?” 

“He’s popular around here.”


A year and a half later,

Morning vibes: he sends me a picture of beer can.

“She left me bro.”

I’m happy for you, happier in her case.

I texted her, “what’s the matter?”

“He started dictating me what to wear, who to talk to and when to go out. He doubts me when I’m on call, he stalks me everywhere. He’s cheap. He’s a prick.”

So, what I wanna say here?

Sometimes the clothes don’t make a man.

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