So I’ve taken up this task long back but this time it’s not gonna be on notepads but on my blog. People advised me to take up this task of writing a gratitude journal and write down a few things that I’m thankful for every morning but I tend to misplace those notepads and it has become difficult for me to track down the things that made me happy in the past. I guess writing it as a blog post would be helpful in keeping track of my gratitude.

Here goes my gratitude list for today:

(This might seem silly and a bit funny, but hey! We gotta be thankful for whatever we have. So these are the things that made me happy this morning.)

  • Leadership without Boundaries, a book I borrowed earlier this week from my friend. I’m not even halfway through as I’m a slow reader but this book is related to my field of interest, Human Resources.
  • Morning coffee. Coffee is my elixir. Starting the mornings with a cup of coffee is a bliss.
  • Choco chip cookies 😍. Now who can resist cookies when it’s full of choco chips?

It feels really good to recollect things that make me happy and it’s a proven method to make you happy when you’re down. I advise y’all to try this out in case you haven’t.

That’s all for this morning (it’s been just an hour since I woke up.)

Good morning, fellas.

A little gratitude a day keeps the therapist away.


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