It’s raining cats and dogs. All the doors were closed and the window was partly open just to let some air in. Grace looked at the window from her bed, bored and weak. She’s in her favourite place, her bed, covered in sheets. The fever made her weak but landed her in her bed. She was partly thankful for the fever because it gave her a rest from her daily routine. Staring at the walls, unable to sleep, Grace looked constantly at the window not even blinking.

Slowly, as Grace kept looking, she appeared at the window. It was dark all over and that made her look like a shadow. Grace slowly crept out of her bed and crawled to the window to see what the impostor was upto.

“What brings you here?” Grace whispered near the window but there was no answer. “You can tell me.” She said.

The impostor stood there, doing nothing, lost in nothingness. Grace knelt at the window and tapped the glass. The impostor gave no attention. She tapped again and again in vain. She opened the window a little more just in case the guest might want to step in. But she showed no interest. Grace was impatient now. She tapped harder this time. The shadowy figure now grew bigger and closer. Grace, disappointed, walked back to her bed and covered herself in sheets, still peeking at the window. The shadow began to grow bigger and come closer. Terrified, Grace stared at it with her eyes wide open. “GO AWAY! I DON’T Need YOU NOW.” She yelled.

The impostor just purred and jumped out, like it never cared.

“Stupid cats.” Grace muttered as she fell asleep.


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