Stop complaining

How bad is your life?

So many people complain about their lives that they don’t have enough or they deserve better or compare their lives to that of others and weep. The other day, a conversation with a friend of mine sparked this thought in me. What does complaining about the life we have get us anyway? Are we getting any happier? Are we paid for that? Are we motivated by it? I mean, there’s no negative motivation in this. I’m not trying to tell you “If you work hard, you’ll have a better and happier life”, no, I’m not a preacher. I don’t know if you’ll be happier by working hard but I do know that if you stop comparing and try to change yourself, you’ll feel better than you did before. Working hard doesn’t always help. I’ve seen people who work all day and still feel something’s missing in their lives. They earn money which they can’t even spend for themselves. What’s the use of earning if you can’t spend it for yourself?

You’re working hard? Work for yourself. But first, work on yourself. Nobody notices someone who’s always down and sulking, believe me, I’m one of that lot. I’ve always compared my life with others’ and felt completely depressed. It took me years to stop dwelling on that and move on for good. Even though I’m not completely successful in doing it, I’m kind of happy with what I am now (except that I’m jobless). But the moment I stopped comparing, I could also stop complaining. Self doubt and frustration never gets you anywhere (I guess that is the reason why I’m still stuck here?!) What do you get when you complain that you don’t have enough? It’s you who has to work for it in the end. It’ll frustrate you, make you blind to your mistakes and causes others to feel uncomfortable around you. A complaining guy always finds something wrong in everything. Let’s take an example. You’re at a grocery store and you’re in a long queue and you know that your turn isn’t going to come anytime soon. What would you do? Start complaining and telling that the person at the counter is a tortoise at work or strike a conversation with someone behind you or in front of you? Or at least stand there quietly and mind your business? Complaining in this situation not only irritates you but also the person next to you. Moreover, when the tortoise at the counter hears what you’re saying, he might stop what he’s doing and get into a stupid argument with you or may delay your bill deliberately.

Soon as I stopped comparison, I found my mobile is more than what I want (it gets stuck, gets charged slow and irritating), my clothing better than most other people and am happier than many. Wait a minute, does it look like I’m comparing? Ah, who cares!? At least I’m not complaining.

Happiness is within you and around you. It’s all in your mind.


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