Asking for suggestions.

Reading is a habit of mine that just comes and goes. It’s always fleeting. I really loved comics until recently when I found non fiction even more interesting. I switched to fiction and then to biographies.

Sometimes I read the entire book without a break and the other times, I stop when I’m halfway through. No matter how much I try, reading is becoming harder and harder. I wonder at time, how on earth could I read all of those books and can’t finish even a page now?

“Perhaps we lose it with age, the habit.” An acquaintance of mine pointed out.

Ever since these ebooks entered the market, paperbacks have become a rare sight, except for the magazines, newspapers and weeklies. People have reached a point where they consider buying books a waste of money. I myself prefer to spend on food rather than books (okay, my bad).

I switched to ebooks since I could carry my books everywhere I went and guess what? Reading on a mobile phone completely drained my interest in reading. It’s high time I bought a hard copy.

This is the first thought that occurred to me this morning and I wanted to ask my friends here on WordPress of suggestions.

Please do suggest.

11 thoughts on “Asking for suggestions.

  1. Reading WP is good on the phone. But when a post is pretty long I can’t get through it. Real books are totally way better. I just bought two for the first time in a while and I’m loving it. Worth the money cause I actually read them.

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      1. I bought John Zande “on the problem of good ” and “the owner of all infernal names”. Usually I love real adventure. “Endurance” about Ernest Shackleton is my all time fav. I like historical stuff too like “undaunted courage” by Ambrose. Anything about quantum physics I like. Kind of nerdy. But I like to learn about real stuff

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