Dust emerged like smoke when I blew it off the lid. It has been a year since it has been opened. I had no intention of taking it out but my father’s never ending compulsion for neatness and order urged me to clean and dust things off immediately. He’s stern when it comes to this. My cupboard is always messy often making mum and dad furious. A strict warning was issued this time.

The cupboard smelled horrible as I opened the door. I just tuck my clothes in and close the door, nevermind folding them. I pulled all my clothes out and tossed them onto the bed. The upper shelf remained untouched, full of dust. I started dusting it from below, without looking for what’s in there. A box fell near my feet, forcing all the contents out. Two G.I.Joe action figures, two Batmen, an Action Man and five boxes of cards (Cricket collection, Pokemon, Dragon Booster, Yu Gi Oh and Ben Ten) scattered on the ground. I started panicking because something most important went missing. I was sure I kept those papers in this box right here. I looked around to see if anyone was around and snooped under the bed and there they were! Three papers pinned together.

These letters in a way can be a means to travel in time, not physically but mentally (emotionally). I carefully unfolded the letter and gazed at the heading: 100 Reasons Why I Love You.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I moved through the pages, one point at a time.

Holding hands, seemingly endless stares, gentle kisses, pampering, fighting, all the happiness and so much sorrow phased through my mind as I folded and put the papers back into the box.

For the first time in several months, I smiled and cried in one single moment.

5 thoughts on “Souvenir

  1. Nice post, you are progressing well, time to clear out the past and move onto the new you.
    Very happy with your progress.
    Have a nice day tomorrow, those tears will give you a new feeling, enjoy your day

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