Finding inspiration

Anything that is hyped doesn’t interest me. I just avoid such things because I know people flock towards whatever is famous. Since a year, whichever social media I’m in, be it facebook or Instagram or Quora, all I have seen is ‘Game of Thrones’. Now this much hype for one TV show? That’s ridiculous. I was actually proud of myself for not following this trend. Then came ‘Breaking Bad’. I’ve seen people posting ‘I am the one that knocks’ line as their statuses without even watching one episode. I was surprised how TV shows grabbed such public attention.

Fast forward one year. I am bored, not many openings in my field of interest, I’m at home all day. What do I do? Whatever I do, it must help me in some way. Nobody would sponsor me books, not my parents, not my friends. E books take away the little interest I have in reading. What do I do?

“Just watch a few episodes” my friend said when he showed me the first season of Game of Thrones. A season later, I was not in love with the series but one character. Tyrion Lannister. I binge watched three seasons only for this guy. I guess I saw myself similar to him, not in intelligence and courage but being physically weak. Now, I’m not a dwarf but I’m not physically fit either. He just accepted what he is and worked on his strengths. We tend to like people who have those qualities which we don’t possess.

Since I already said that I’m working on myself, I’m trying to get inspired any way I can. If you have any such character I can look up to, do tell me.

14 thoughts on “Finding inspiration

  1. That’s funny. I always stay away from trendy shows too. Whichever way the crowd is going, go the opposite. It’s worked pretty well. I f could be anyone in the movies it would be Rooster Cogburn.

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          1. Hey for ten years I lived up in the mountains working cattle in some remote range land. I grew up a cowboy. Has to give it up about 15 years ago but if I could go back in time it would be 1870 or early 1800’s


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