• A Brave New World
  • The Secret
  • The Drunkard’s walk(paperback)
  • The subtle art of not giving a fuck(paperback)
  • Prometheus Rising
  • The Stranger
  • The Autobiography of a Yogi

The above list contains the names of the books I’ve left half read. Those books books are international best sellers who inspired thousands of people to change. I used to love reading and I still do but the sad thing is I lose interest when I’m halfway through or after the preface. No matter how much I try to go forward, my mind forces me to start another book.

It all started a couple months ago when I started reading The Genealogy of Morals by Fedrich Nietzsche. What a book that was! The concept of where our perceptions of good and bad comes from swept me off my feet. A few chapters later, I wanted to see books similar to it and read random articles on the internet which kept me engaged. Fast forward a few hours, I didn’t open the Genealogy of Morals again.

I have a habit of saving PDF files of famous books (which are legally free to download) l, available for educational purposes and I have collected 40 of them. I read Great Expectations and started Huckleberry Finn but the thought of exploring other books which are readily available crossed my mind. This happens everytime I start reading a book and eventually, I lost interest in reading. Audiobooks seemed boring and took a lot of space in my phone.

Having many books at my disposal made me lose interest in one book I started reading. I guess I got to delete all the othes to complete one.

4 thoughts on “Incomplete list

  1. Bharath”s half done books. Can I get those half price? My next post is about how people just start learning and think they’re experts and start preaching. It’s a atheism topic though. Funny we’re a little in the same page.

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