What were your favourite things to do when you were ten? I loved watching cartoons, immersed myself in comics and spent an entire afternoon drawing superheroes with cousins. I collected G.I.Joe action figures and treasured them. The people around me taught me to respect elders no matter what. I was never profane to anyone, even to those who bullied me. I was a shy kid who loved anything that couldn’t be real.

Who were you?

Wonder why I’m asking this question? The other night, I was sitting in our driveway (I guess this word isn’t suitable for it) talking to a friend while a bunch of kids passed by, each of them looked to be slightly above 10 years of age. So what’s strange, you ask? I didn’t bother until a peculiar smell caught my attention. A thin smoke emerged from within the group and a few seconds later, a tiny smoke ring rose up, disappearing into thin air. I followed them slowly until the end of the lane, eavesdropping.

“Don’t be such an coward! Your dad’s an idiot and you shouldn’t let him hit you. Why the hell won’t you fight back? I’d have kicked mine and run out of the house before he catches me.” Said a kid to another.

“Yeah, dude, he’d be a complete asshole sometimes.” A rueful response came out.

I just walked away from them, back to my place thinking what has happened to this generation.

Whose fault is it? Our elders often tell us how awesome their childhood was and it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that they aren’t lying. Old men often complain how rude our generation is to them and imagine what kids like these grow up to be, what our life would be among them when we get old.

Is it bad parenting? Or just bad company?

Whatever it is, our society is to blame.

Brace yourselves.

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