There’s this question I get asked everytime someone knows I write a blog: Why do you write? And when I tell them because I want to, they reward me with a pokerface or sometimes an irritated expression as if they expected something more exciting and then, I mean, what motivates you?, to which my answer is the same. This kind of pissed them off at times but they’re mostly uninterested upon hearing it.

But I was anticipating an interesting story. Impress me. They ask. (No, they demand)

Impress you? Who are you? My girlfriend?

I really don’t know how to be or make things interesting. This is the way I am. Knowing that I’m an average boring person isn’t soothing or something to be proud of but I’ve learned to live with it. My posts are quite colloquial and dull but I keep doing it because I really want to get better. My life has been boring so far and boredom is what I got so I write things down in accordance with it.

I really feel sorry for myself when I can’t impress people, but hey! It’s not my job.

I can’t please people so that I can land a job and I certainly have authority issues wherever I am. We live in an extremely controlled world where everything is tampered and traceable and the worst thing that could happen is being judged and bossed around by our fellows.


6 thoughts on “Rant.

  1. Keep writing. I remember being horrible at it but I loved it. I’d read some stuff from when I was younger and it was HORRIBLE. Now I even surprise myself sometimes. Trick is to write about something you love.

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      1. It will eventually naturalize. Also copying a style you love is good practice. I love Daniel Defoe. I, having been born of goodly parents in the year of our lord 1963in the city of Toth, near Brandenburg, my father being an
        older, gentlemanly type, gave constant councils to me as pertaining to my middle station in life.

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