The eyeballs moved left or right when he answered but never never looked straight into my eyes. He was constantly fiddling with something as he spoke and swore often that he’s telling the truth. He fumbled at repetitive questions and covering up caused awkward silence. Finally, I knew that I couldn’t get any truth out of this guy but that matter was important to me. Wasting my time trying to know things is an attenuation of my happiness.

Then I knew, one lie leads to another and it never ends and in the end, the truth comes out and still the lying people never admit. This is the problems with humans, we never want to be wrong, we’re not comfortable being judged and we don’t admit either. This is the biggest barrier to communication. All of our relationships sometimes depend on the lies we tell. So many cover ups just to save the small relationship we have with someone, so many truths hidden so that people don’t get hurt. What hurts more is the truth that’s found out. The pain of discovery is more than that of the truth told in the face. Then again, truth is not always the way. Our government lies to us, our parents lie to us, our spouses lie and we lie. We are hardwired that way. Why do we lie? Because we’re either afraid of the consequences or we think the other person doesn’t deserve the truth. I maybe younger than most of the people but from what I’ve experienced, it’s better to know the truth rather than sitting in tears, helplessly after knowing when it’s too late.

Lying is hard sometimes. When I was a kid, I tried hard to hide my report card and lied to dad that I didn’t receive it. But on the day of submission, I had to show him the card for his signature and boy, was that scary! My teachers always figured out I never did my homework when I told them I forgot the book at home (😋). I still lie to myself everyday that I am over the love I had months ago but something inside me tells me to shut up. I’ve had friends that lied to me in my face even when they knew I knew it was all a lie.

Lying is a survival instinct which gets us by but not for long. People lie even when they know it’s useless because we sometimes can do nothing about it. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it all. Now I’m tired of people.

There’s a reason why our elders always chose the truth. Just why can’t we admit the truth already!?

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