The one thing that we’re taught from childhood is “love brings people closer”. In every walk of life, I applied the same. My elders always told me never to lose faith in people and always have trust in them. Even though I was selective in trusting, I was still hurt.

My teenage years were joyous. I was surrounded by friends, all I knew was happiness and friendship. But you know that the merry phases pass like a lightning. They hit you in one second and disappear in another. We as kids and teens neither knew the value of money nor the social divisions of rich and poor. We are together, played together and fought together. Never have I ever thought that something as trivial as money, trivial because we’re told that love and happiness are more valuable than money, could harm relationships. As I grew up, the rich hung out with their fellow rich and we, without even knowing, partnered with someone with the same social status. Ones who were our best friends just months ago were nowhere to be seen now. Why does money have anything to do with relationships? It being a mode of classification is disturbing. The talks are shorter and silence grows longer.

Life is truly unpredictable indeed. Within a blink of an eye, we lose people. I’ve learned that love and trust are enough to start a relationship but ‘money’ is what’s required to make it last because you don’t want others pointing out your poor friend and belittle you or the poor friend may not have things that interest you. Wherever our social distinction puts us, if we don’t have our way out, we lose people.

No love is stronger than money, no relationship matters as much as financial security. Friendship is sometimes expensive, family is sometimes demanding.

Welcome to your life.

4 thoughts on “Stupid life

  1. Life is less worrisome and the little things don’t eat at you when you are busy and have a job. You have too much free and unproductive time. Hang in there buddy. Life will get moving when you do.

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