Been thinking about this since days now and nothing has been done about it. I even borrowed a pair of shoes so that at least that will motivate me, but nah! Making new habits is not an easy job. There are a few hacks for it, tried and tested, never worked on me. So this new habit I want to make is go for a jog or a run for an hour a day for one week. That one week will eventually extend until a month and so on. My goals were reading for at least half hour, run for an hour and workout for another hour everyday. While I am reading for more than half hour, I can’t quite get myself started for running and warm up exercises.

“Why borrow when you can buy?” You ask? I borrowed the shoes because I’ll run keeping in mind that they can be taken from me anytime and I’ll procrastinate the moment I buy shoes myself thinking “where are they gonna go? I’ll do it tomorrow.”

This bad habit has stuck to me ever since I can remember, the habit of not making a new habit. I used to hit the gym when I had company but I despise people now and ironically, that’s also the reason for me not working on things. I convinced myself today to get out no matter what and I went for a jog for half hour only to come back and have some tea.

The next on my list: get rid of tea.

The reading progress is good, I’ve finished two books this week which is pretty rare for a guy like me. Hopefully, I’m gonna run a little longer tomorrow. I’ve read somewhere that changing miniscule things in life has an effect on bigger ones. Hence I’ve started changing little things that never mattered. Let’s see what happens.

How’re you keeping up with your goals?

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