Our brain can’t focus on two things at once, that’s for sure. Or can it?

Every other vehicle that passed by seemed like they were dangerously fast. What happened to people? Don’t they care for their lives? Then came the red light. Sixty seconds to go green and I grew impatient with each passing second. Just turn the green light on already! My thoughts wandered elsewhere as I began to move forward overtaking every vehicle that came my way. I knew I would be safe, that there wouldn’t be an accident. My concentration was on vacation when my brain took charge of the vehicle, taking me to the destination while I got lost in the nothingness of my thoughts, stopping at every red signal, taking every sharp turn, patiently waiting for the traffic to move, braking wherever required. The sun was unforgiving as ever and the temperatures have been on the rise this year, projected to be an all time high by this May. The sloppy staff made me wait while they chatted on mundane things putting off trivial tasks, making people wait just because they can and have to. Why am I thinking all of these when I’m driving?

“Let’s eat something. Just stop when you find a nice restaurant in the way.” My friend muttered from behind. But I am lost! His words passed through my ears but never got my attention. “There goes one.” He said, ” and another.” I could hear buzzing sounds through my helmet but couldn’t make any sense. An hour of this shit later, I dropped him home. “I’m home hungry because of you!” He scorned.

“You’re finally home. Go eat.” I answered making a ‘U’ turn, immersing myself in the traffic again. I gotta get home. Why’re these traffic constables everywhere? Why are all the general stores closed? Why doesn’t this idiot go faster? I’ve got things to do! Why’re these ‘car people’ always blocking the traffic!? Ah! These autorickshaws! Always trying to get into tiny spaces, stopping everyone behind them!

I was at peace once I got home.

That’s irritation.

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