A car blocked our way while we waited for him to come. She was excited since this is the first time she’s introducing us to her ‘trophy-boyfriend’. It’s closed quarters. Anyone who entered the housing quarters were bombarded with questions by security guards and let in only when they uttered a valid name. That took us quite a while to go in. The car was finally in motion. As it moved forward, we could see a guy far from us, riding on a bike. The blurry scene just got clearer as he approached us. He smirked shabbily.

“He’s here! Oh my god!” She squealed in happiness. “You sound like worn our brakes of a car.” I said which brought up an angry look on her face. He got down his bike, gave a look sideways, waving at his friends with no flair but just a showoff designed to make him look like he meant business. He walked past us, straight to her without even glancing at our bored faces. Sunny days bring the worst out of me and this guy was something more horrible. I had that feeling. They stared at each other in awe while we looked at them. Holy cow! This is the guy! I muttered. I honestly expected someone better, not by looks but there was something different about him, something boring. He slowly turned to us, making ‘the rock’ stare (kinda), one brow up and another down. “So! Brothers! In laws!” He said in a deep voice which sounded pretty shallow.

We shook our hands, hugged, and looked at her. “Do you mind if I steal your brothers for a few minutes? I need to get to know about them.” He said as we walked further down into the alley. To our left was a small tin can of a store in which only the storekeeper could fit. “Gimme a cigarette. My regular one.” He ordered, winking at us, “you guys need one? It’s on me.” He sounded proud. I prefer the lit cigarette on him, literally. “You’re non smokers!? Whoa!”. An hour went by listening to all his accomplishments which felt rather like an eternity.

“You know why I’m late?” He added, “I was attacked by a bunch of goons, my enemies from our college. I beat them up so bad, they ran. You see this tear here on my jacket!? Yeah, you guessed it right. It’s because of that. Don’t tell her. She’ll cry.” Well, we neither asked for this nor were interested. “You, brother, I heard you have a girlfriend. Just let me know if there’s a problem with her brother or her ex. I’m the go to guy for such problems! I’m a fixer.” Now he started getting on my nerves. He’s already seven years younger than me and he talks like shit. “Marijuana is life.” And that’s it! I’m done.

My pace went up and we walked back to her as fast as we could to put an end to this. “You’ve been silent. You got any questions? We really could get along quite well if this is the case.”

“You talk to all the girls like this? Try the same with her dad. Maybe that might help. Beating up people doesn’t sound great neither do you.” And I walked to her, said goodbye.

We had some good conversations later, me and that guy. Wonder what he’s upto now but if that’s what impresses teenagers, there’s something incredibly wrong with them.

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