Emotions are our way of reacting to the outer world and letting it know how we really feel deep down. They are expressed in the form of gestures, dilated eyes, and most importantly, voices and words. We know a person he happy when is laughs or smiles or giggles, sad when he cries or is dull, angry when he curses or yells or remains silent or breaks everything around. But what exactly makes the conveyance more effective and understandable? Language. I always was sceptical about the different languages and their origins and still am. We don’t speak our native language right from when we’re born. We are taught. Now, what was the first spoken language? How did they invent specific words to each and every object, feeling and emotion? How did everyone around accept and adopt? Okay, they now have a language, how did they create a script for it? The specific words and their pronunciations? What’s wondrous is, each and everyone of us has the ability to create a new language, sign or spoken. Though it is not that important an ability, it’s priceless.

The power of language gives us the ability of particularised expression. That puts me in doubt. How different would our emotions be in the absense of a language? How can we comprehend each other’s feelings withough particular expression? I am certain that mere gestures and hand signs won’t help us explain what’s going on inside. Though physical pain can be expressed, how can you explain what’s going on inside your mind, the mental trauma without a language?

Does that mean languages are born out of emotions? Or from a need to express emotions?

How are emotions and language linked?

Language is a striking feature of human intellect. When though animals have their own way of communicating, we have evolved much further in terms of expressions. Though what we have now have been mostly derived from physical interactions with physical entities, what we make of them depends on what we think and feel about them.

Language evolves with emotions. It is an energy that can be created and destroyed. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I can be right. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “A Doubtful morning

      1. After a successful invasion it is always the first order of business. Here in the USA, we killed the natives, put them in our schools, forbade the native language, and forced new religion on them. Then we wrote their history for them and let them know how awfully savage they were. They still teach it in schools. We were civilized. They were heathens with no morals and no true god. Many words in Spanish have Arabic roots too. Its the way it has been for millennia.


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