Volcanic eruption, emotional corruption;

As ashes cover, smoke is all over

A cyclone is raging, winds harsh and freezing

The heat and the cold collide, this is what we divide

Breathe in the smog, long shall we choke

Breathless and lifeless, is what life is like

Dark clouds take over, swallowing the sky

Thunder and lightning repeatedly strike

The lies that we said, spreading like wildfire,

Burning the forest we built with desire

Running on flakes, escaping the flames,

We reach a point where no one’s to blame.

It all ends now, the nature is calm

A new world has formed,

Neither yours nor mine.

6 thoughts on “Distances

  1. I was in Washington when Saint Helens blew. The plume went 90,000 feet into the stratosphere and ash went around the world. And Saint Helens is a small one. Can’t imagine if My Rainier went off. Whoa!

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