Never have I expected that we wouldn’t meet on my birthday. My schedule was tight; college in the morning, dinner with family in the evening and a lunch with my classmates in between. Making time out for her was a responsibility I chose to ignore, knowing she’d understand. The day had passed and another. She was angry but calm.

One evening, my phone screen lit up.”Meet me today? I have something for you.”

Though we live only a few miles apart, we hardly meet twice a month. So meeting her was paramount. Now’s my chance to apologise and make up for my mistake. I hate gifts, they make a relationship look formal. My thoughts contradict hers when it comes to respect in a relationship. She says it’s important, I say it isn’t. Why should one thank or apologize or gift someone they love? There’s no need to prove anything.

“Tell me, what is it?” I replied.

“Surprise! Come see it for yourself.”

I threw the phone aside and put on a grim face.

“I’m sorry, just for this once. Don’t scold me for the gift.”

As much as I hate gifts, I despise surprises. But how can you refuse when she’s being a total cutie pie? The wait was long as the afternoon was sloppy as hell, it just doesn’t go. The usual time was 5:30pm but I raced to her locale half hour early so that I could catch a glimpse and stalk her to rendezvous. As nature would have it, there was gentle breeze and little yellow flowers (which I hate) flying around. Cloudy skies made sure I was in a good mood.

As I turned to my left, a blurry view revealed her to me as she moved forward gracefully. Making sure she’d not notice, I followed her, hiding behind cars and trees and there she was, all of a sudden, facing me!

“I told you not to come early and wait for me. I hate to keep you waiting. Now wait longer for your gift. That’s your punishment.” Now, what’s this babyface gotten me into? I dread waiting. We walked slowly, without a word between us, just silence reigning. Being an ice breaker that she was, “wanna get ice cream?” I nodded.

“Don’t wanna talk?” I nodded again.

“Here’s your gift.” She turned away as I took the book into my hands.

The secret diary of Hendrick Groen! I so wanted this book!!

“Look at the bookmark. Isn’t it cute?? I loved it.” She said, pointing it out.

With heavy eyes and a light-hearted laugh, I brushed through the pages. She knew I was elated and that’s all she ever wanted.

“Anything happens to that bookmark, I’m gonna smack your head.”

67 thoughts on “Gifts.

            1. Look just because we have a conversation going doesn’t mean I can peek into your personal stuff. You have your boundaries and I respect that. It’s good that you know when to say no and I appreciate it.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Do you even exist…like for real…why have I never stumbled upon any damn person like you in my life?
              …No..but honestly, jokes apart….I really appreciate this quality of yours(very rare…I am telling you)
              ….Life happened too early for me…Had to grow up too fast for comfort!

              Liked by 1 person

            3. You’re never out of place, the place isn’t just for you sometimes. We’re not similar, that’s for sure but I do respect you and your space.
              Even if I ask you about stuff, it’s only for fun so you can showcase your sarcasm πŸ˜›

              Liked by 1 person

            4. Honestly…Your questions will always be welcomed…But I would like to keep me right to decide (to answer or not)… and the same applies for you as well! I think that is exactly how it should be,in any form of conversation! We need to respect the fact that the person who is talking to us is an individual and not a book waiting to be explored!
              We all have our individual journeys…
              I appreciate people who accept this without getting offended!

              Liked by 1 person

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