Life and me

Leaf by leaf, the trees fell apart; Root by root, they all dried up.

One day they were green, red on the other; Dead from the inside, irrespective of the weather, today or tomorrow everything has to wither.

I see the forest through the window at the corner, the day gets colder but the view keeps me warmer.

Sunrise got the birds chirping, sunset got them all flying. Monsoon brings life, winter brings strife; Then comes summer, I see the land dry.

There were dew drops yesterday and the temperature drops today. The sun will be angry tomorrow, we will burn everyday.

Through the window, I see, the times wait not for you and me. I go to bed and rise again, full of regrets, heart aches with pain.

Years pass, hours and days, people go, you get the praise or blame. I’m floating up, never going deep, now I lie awake and the truth haunts me in my sleep.

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