Gasping for breath, I stood there, at the end of the street behind a tree. Never have I ever been chased this long. I had no option but to walk back the same way if I were to go home.

Fear was not an option.

‘you can do this’

Bluffing my heart didn’t work out. Going back would be dangerous. He’d be there and if returned, he’s gonna hurt me real bad. Hiding behind cars, walls and trees, I walked half-way back. There he was, in all his ferocity, keeping an eye on everyone that crossed his path.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, clenched my fists tight.

“This is it.”

Gathering all the courage and energy, I ran. A few metres later, I looked back and to my surprise, there he was! Running after me. “How could he even know!?” I had no idea but if stopped now, it’d be the end of me.

To my luck, my house was just a few seconds away. Closing the gate, I looked back at him with pride.

“Bad doggy.”

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