You are glorified when we’re vilified

You play deaf everytime we cry

Tired of praying,

Sick of waiting,

I’m losing hope now

Rich get richer, poor get poorer

We’re now indifferent to endless horror

When your absence is more noticeable than your presence,

I feel neither joy nor penance.

Conversion, confusion,

Living in deluison,

Corruption, destruction

A total dysfunction

Awaits resurrection

I see no end to this road,

Where’s your heavenly abode?

People come, people die

There is so much suffering

I dare you to deny.

It’s all in our hands, they say,

God has decided your fate

If this is what in store for me

If there is so much you refuse to see

How can anyone still believe?

Mass murder, political blunder;

Unfed hunger, the homeless linger

Why don’t you help us find a way out?

What is salvation?

I see no sign.

Is this your design??

20 thoughts on “Dear lord

      1. Yes, the minds that construct the gods to their likin’ have to throw you off the obvious track with lots of confusion. That’s the only way they can stay alive. Lol.

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            1. got mad to some people friday 🙂 went out with my friends during the week end, and my cousin finally got the baby last night :-), a lot of works … but many good news too, a big one is coming 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

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